Eco-innovations tackling food waste at every level

Eco-innovations tackling food waste at every level

At first glance, food waste may not seem like a big issue. You toss a partial head of cabbage and the last few carrots, but you compost them so it just goes back into the natural circle of the ecosystem, right? Not exactly. In fact, food waste is a massive problem. In the United States alone, estimates are that around one-third of all food is tossed. The waste is a problem, considering non-plant-based foods can’t be composted. That means meats, dairy and myriad other products end up in the landfill. 

But the end waste doesn’t even represent the real problem of wasted food. Think about the process of getting food to your table. It’s a lengthy and resource-consuming process that starts with massive water requirements for animals and plants. It also introduces fertilizers and other products into the process.

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