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What is Enchantress Combo

Enchantress combo is a deck archetype that takes some of the best enchantments in the game and pairs them with enchantress cards to breed a lethally high synergy deck.  Cards like Argothian Enchantress and Enchantress’s Presence give a bonus for casting enchantment spells.  The combo aspect of it comes from the explosive turns that can come from setting up multiple enchantress cards with cards like Dream Halls and Omniscience (cards that help you cast spells for free), eventually drawing through most or all of your deck.

Enchantress Engine

Your Win Conditions

This deck has a few combos that shift you into overdrive:

  1. Academy Rector into Omniscience :  If Academy Rector dies you can fetch Omniscience then you have your main combo engine online.
  2. Cleansing Meditation and Enchanted Evening: Enchanted Evening makes all permanents enchantments, and Cleansing Meditation destroys all enchantments on the field, but the catch is that if you have threshold (seven or more cards in your graveyard) your enchantments reenter the battlefield after everything has been wiped out.  Being the only player with permanents usually wins you the game.
  3. Aura Thief and Enchanted Evening:  While the deck has no Sac outlet, it does have a few ways to destroy enchantments, in terms of cards like Qasali Pridemage, Aura of Silence, and Supreme Verdict which are used on Aura Thief after it becomes an enchantment from Enchanted Evening.  When Aura thief dies, you gain control of all enchantments, and with Enchanted Evening present you steal all permanents from all other players.
  4. Sigil of the Empty Throne/Ajani’s Chosen:  Omniscience really enables these two cards.  One draw engine enchantress paired with Omniscience means you will play an enchantment for free, and draw potentially into another enchantment/enchantress.  With one of these two combo cards on the board, you begin to create massive amounts of creature tokens and card advantage.


Sterling Grove and Greater Auramancy are fine spells that make your enchantments untargetable, but if it gets destroyed then you have another route to getting it back. Replenish returns the enchantments in your graveyard to the battlefield and so does Open the Vaults.  Monk Idealist returns enchantments from the graveyard to your hand and if you choose to play Eternal Witness, that would also be a means to getting back Omniscience if it gets destroyed or countered.

Starting Hand Analysis

(Academy Rector, Enlightened Tutor, Bayou, Herald of the Pantheon, Temple of Mystery, Sol Ring, Vindicate)

This can be an excellent start for us.  Immediately we can ramp up to three mana which means if we play Bayou first and then Sol Ring then we are looking good to play academy rector early, = the vindicate can put rector into the graveyard around turn three. Temple of Mystery is the next land to play if we don’t pull a fetchland or another white source, just so we can look for the white source to pull all the pieces together.  Herald of the Pantheon is an excellent turn two play if we don’t tutor anything better to play with Enlightened Tutor.  It’s a little risky to keep, but everything we need to win is here.

(Temple of Deceit, Demonic Tutor, Godless Shrine, Sunpetal Grove, Gemstone Mine, Vindicate, Sword to Plowshares)

This is a complicated hand to keep.  Demonic Tutor drives this hand to a potential victory but without looking onward you have to make the choice between Academy Rector or an Enchantress. Swords to Plowshares is great if we are going against fast creature decks but this hand is tricky if we think we need to rely on building an enchantress engine.  It’s worth holding onto but I still consider this a bad hand because it does a whole lot of nothing when it comes to setting up.  There is one land too many and demonic tutor can only do so much for you.  The advantage this hand has is we could wait, get more information, and cast Demonic Tutor in the midgame when we see what our opponents are doing. A rhystic study seems like a good choice here, or maybe even Zur, the Enchanter.  Zur would be great if he can get in once or twice because he can do a multitude of things like grabbing an enchantress’ presence and then a few defensive enchantments, perhaps Detention Sphere and Grasp of Fate.

(Supreme Verdict, Serra’s Sanctum, Watery Grave, Greater Auramancy, Open the Vaults, Tundra, Murmuring Bosk)

This hand is not as amazing as I would have hoped, but it still works.  Serra’s sanctum is the Gaea’s Cradle of enchantments and is the strongest land in this deck netting you a white mana for each enchantment you have on the field. Because you can play Greater Auramancy on turn two and wait for a moment where Serra’s Sanctum becomes much stronger, this is a keepable hand but the problem is that you dont have much else going on beyond that.  You could work towards the supreme verdict and wipe out players that are getting too creature-heavy but it all depends on what you draw after that.

What to do if Omniscience/Dreamhalls isn’t an option

Grim Guardian can dish out a lot of damage if you can consistently cast enchantments and draw cards at the same time, which is good if you control a draw engine enchantress but usually you won’t see him do too much damage, however in a stax based board state, your combo turn can rely on grim guardian because you don’t have to attack to win with him, you just simply cast as many enchantments as possible and drain every other player at the table to zero.

Underworld Dreams and Fate Unraveler both punish opponents for drawing cards and pairing them up if possible does 2 damage per card drawn, which can add up quick and is one of the main win conditions for most Nekusar decks.

Painful Quandary is a choice between losing 5 life or discard a card per card an opponent casts, but each side of that coin is a step closer to winning so its also a powerful tactic to seek out.

One of my favorite ways to kill a player is using Yavimaya Enchantress, pairing her with Enchanted Evening and making her unblockable with Thassa, God of the Sea‘s activated ability.  Since the deck is all about enchantments, you could get her easily within 8 to 15 power and toughness without Enchanted Evening and still swing for a ton of damage while being unblockable from Thassa.

Why We Run Zur the Enchanter

If this deck didn’t have green in it, it would not be as good since it gives you access to almost all of the draw engine enchantresses, but if there would be another commander to take Atraxa’s place while losing a color it would be Zur the Enchanter.

Zur attacking can search out pretty much anything you need for any situation.  You could attack and grab Grasp of Fate, exiling a nonland permanent from each opponent.

You could grab Enchantress’s Presence, setting up your draw engine for an explosive turn or just some card draw.

Zur can get you Planar Collapse which destroys all creatures if there are four or more of them on your upkeep, and Standstill is another great choice because it deters your opponents from casting spells.

Pernicious Deed is perfect for being able to destroy a bunch of cards you might not have been able to handle before, and Aura of Silence is great for stopping artifact decks and other enchantress decks from going too fast by making their spells cost more.

Sterling Grove and Greater Auramancy offer protection for your enchantments, and Sterling Grove can be used to fetch any enchantment by cracking it for it’s ability.

Mana Bloom is a fantastic enchantment because you always want to only put 1 counter on it for x, use that counter immediately to cast something else, so that on your next turn you can reuse it, a perfect card to use with the draw engine enchantresses.

All of these cards are fetchable with Zur but they are still useful when we draw them naturally because of all our enchantress synergies.


I always enjoy hearing about new enchantments and cards that can make this deck better, comment below whatever cool suggestions you may have!